Furry/Kemono artist

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Meet the Artist

Name/Nicknames: Valeria/Lera/Leru/Lerun/Lerune
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 21
Date of Birth: November 30th
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Sexuality: Ace
Nationality: Russian
Relationship status: single (not interested)

Hi! My name is Valeria but you can call me Lera, Leru, Lerun or Lerune for short. I'm artist who mostly draws Pokemon, Cat Busters, Jewelpet and sometimes other stuff!

Keep in mind that I'm really shy and dealing with social anxiety, and starting conversation for me with someone except close friends is hard, so sorry if I'm not talking much! English isn't my native language but I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

If you have a suicidal thoughts, remember that you're not alone.

Countdown till my Birthday!

    List of friends

    Coming soon!


    1. What tablet are you using?
    -I'm using Wacom One Medium
    2. What programs are you using?
    -I'm using Paint Tool SAI 2 for drawing and Krita for animating.
    3. Can I draw your sonas/OCs?
    -Yes! I like getting gift art of my characters but please keep it SFW!
    4. Do you draw NSFW?
    -No. Don't expect NSFW art from me, all of my art is and always will be SFW!
    5. Can I befriend you on Discord?
    -No, sorry. My Discord is private for personal reasons, I'll give it out only to close friends!

    I'll probably add more in the future if I'll remember what I wanted to add!


    List of fandoms that I currently in:

    Cat Busters
    Onegai My Melody
    Made in Abyss
    Animal Crossing
    Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy
    Taiko no Tatsujin
    Pop'n Music
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    Sailor Moon
    Pretty Cure


    Here's my main sonas!


    Lerun the Bunpaca

    Old Pokesona

    Lerun the Eevee

    Current Pokesona

    Lerun the Scorbunny


    Before you follow


    Do not follow me/interact with me or my stuff if:
    1. You're racist, misogynistic, fascist, Nazi, right-wing, TERF, truscum, ableist, islamophobic, altfurry etc.
    2. You're anti-BLM (Black Lives Matter)
    3. You're homophobic, transphobic, acephobic etc.
    4. You think that Ace/Aro aren't belong in LGBTQ+ community
    5. You don't accept/support She/Her gays and He/Him lesbians
    6. You're supporting Trump
    7. You think that politics aren't important
    8. You use autism as an excuse for insulting
    9. You're supporting art stealing
    10. You're mean or have something against my friends or any people in general
    11. You're pedophile, zoophile, necrophile, bigot etc.
    12. You're supporting in any kind of form child/underage porn (that includes Loli/Shota/cub porn), incest, noncon (rape), animal abuse, zoophilia, beastiality, necrophilia etc.
    I'll also block you if you're supporting feral porn.13. You're supporting or defending gross actions of clowns like Glitchedpuppet, eevee, Hayden Myers, Fourlung, Kero the Wolf, Shadman, matuska/feralperil, crybleat/crybleatnsfw, Jtveemo, Zaush, furlana, KabsCorner, Jasonafex, pkrussl, Vivziepop, CrowzPerch etc.
    14. You use excuses like <<It's just a drawing>>/<<It's just a fiction>>/<<Fiction isn't reality>>
    15. You're supporting DDLG/MDLB culture
    16. You're supporting cringe culture
    17. You're a MAP/NOMAP, or supporting them
    18. You're here only to bring drama
    19. You're pro-life/against abortion
    20. You're anti-vaxxer
    21. You're supporting or using terms like:
    trannyfuta/herm/trapcboy/cuntboy22. You're gonna spoil anything without warning (game, anime, manga, cartoon etc.)
    23. You only want me or expecting me to follow you back. Seriously, I don't do Follow-4-Follow, I only follow someone back if I want to.
    24. You want to involve me in any sexual/lewd topics/conversations/RPs etc. Doing this will result in instant block.
    25. You want to befriend me just for free art.
    26. You only want to be in relationship with me. I'm not interested.

    <<Retard/retarded>> word
    <<Trap>> word
    Homophobic/transphobic/sexist/racist/ableist jokes etc.

    Keep in mind that I also can softblock/block someone if they're making me uncomfortable. If you'll insist after softblock I'll block you for good.
    Also if you see me following/liking/retweeting from nasty person feel free to let me know!

    Before you'll DM me:
    1. If you want to talk with me, do it on my main Twitter account
    2. Don't come into my DM just to say <<Hi>>, <<Hello>>, <<Hey>> etc. if you have nothing else to say.
    3. Don't talk with me about NSFW/sexual themes, I don't like that. Doing this will result in immediate block.
    4. Constructive criticism about my drawings is welcomed!
    5. Don't come into my DM just to start drama.
    6. I may not respond quickly, sorry about that!
    7. Don't come into my DM just to say things like: <<I wish I was good at art>>, <<My art is garbage>> etc.
    8. Don't self-advertise yourself. It's happened to me so many times.

    Gaming platforms

    Steam: coming soon

    Nintendo Switch: coming soon

    Backloggery: coming soon