Lerunechka's art carrd


Welcome to my art carrd! I mostly draw Pokemon, Cat Busters, Sanrio and sometimes other stuff! My art is and always will be SFW! Enjoy your stay!


1. What tablet are you using?
-I'm using Wacom One Medium
2. What programs are you using?
-I'm using Paint Tool SAI 2 for drawing and Krita for animating.
3. Can I draw your sonas/OCs?
-Yes! I like getting gift art of my characters but please keep it SFW!
4. Do you draw NSFW?
-No. Don't expect NSFW art from me, all of my art is and always will be SFW!


Here's my main sonas!


Lerun the Bunpaca

Old Pokesonas

Lerun the Eevee

Lerun the Scorbunny

Current Pokesona

Lerun the Raboot (evolved from Scorbunny)