Lerunechka's art carrd


Welcome to my art carrd! I draw animal stuff, mostly anthro. Planning to work on my projects really soon! My art is and always will be SFW! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!


1. What tablet are you using?
-I'm using Wacom One Medium
2. What programs are you using?
-I'm using Krita.
3. Can I draw your sonas/OCs?
-Yes! I like getting gift art of my characters but please keep it SFW!
4. Do you draw NSFW?
-No. Don't expect NSFW art from me, all of my art is and always will be SFW!
5. Are you open for commissions?
-No, unfortunately I can't due to personal reasons, sorry!
6. Can I commission someone to draw your fursona/OC as a gift?
-Yes, you can! However, please keep it SFW! No suggestive/kinky/fetish stuff please! >_<

Coming soon...


Here's my main sonas and characters!


Lerun the Bunpaca

Current Pokesona

Sugar the Eevee

Lerun the Raboot (evolved from Scorbunny)


The Fantastic Adventure of Meeka (TBD)

Glittering Fairytale (TBA)

Sunflowery Avenue (TBA)